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Upper Rogue near Shady Cove, OregonUpper Rogue Silver Salmon Fishing
Season: November through December

Silvers start to arrive in the Upper Rogue in early Novemeber, and provide a great boost to the fishing. November is peak Summer Steelhead season, so having the silvers around makes days that much more productive. We most often catch them on the same gear, so you never know what is on your line until you catch the first glimpse.

Combo trips are the norm, as silvers can be hard to target on the Upper Rogue by them selves. They are known as non-biters, however, we have found that they readily take side drifted eggs, or steelhead sized plugs. Also, just like steelhead, they are great for anglers of any experience level as the techniques we use are easy to learn.

The Rogue receives a hatchery return of silvers that are legal to keep as part of your 2 salmon/steelhead daily limit. Like many of the other runs we must release any wild fish to help preserve the run. The average Rogue silver runs 6-10 pounds, with the occasional larger fish around 15 pounds.

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