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Fishing the Rogue River for Fall Salmon – Sept 30

By | 2015-10-14T12:18:18+00:00 September 30th, 2015|Fall King Salmon, Fishing Report, Rogue River|

Wow is all I can say for the fishing we had in September. The first half of the month, especially, was absolutely on fire for fall salmon on the Middle Rogue. Overall I ran 17 trips, landed 54 salmon (and lost about 35) for an average of just over 3 salmon to the boat per [...]

August Wrap Up from the Rogue River – Aug 31

By | 2015-10-14T11:15:33+00:00 August 31st, 2015|Fall King Salmon, Fishing Report, Rogue River, Summer Steelhead|

August was an extremely busy month for me, and for the most part the fishing was excellent. We found a nice mix of early fall salmon and summer steelhead, and limits were common. Here's just a few pictures of the fun that was had.

Southern Oregon Fishing Report – Aug 2

By | 2015-08-05T15:28:30+00:00 August 2nd, 2015|Fall King Salmon, Fishing Report, Rogue River|

Wow what a fun day with Eric and Jon this morning! We should have limited the boat out by 7, but the fish kept winning the battles. In the end we managed to land 3 salmon from the Upper Rogue. The steelhead weren't biting for us however.